Swimming lessons for school age children

The Dartmouth Spa

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - 30 minute classes 

Small classes of 3 Swimmers

4 pm Beginners

4.30 pm Advanced Beginners

5 pm Intermediate

5.30 pm Improver/Advanced

Hope Barton Barns, Hope Cove

Saturday Morning Classes - 30 min Classes

Small Classes of 4 and 5 swimmers

9.30am Advanced Beginner

10am Advanced Beginner

10.30am Intermediate Beginner

11am Intermediate

11.30am Improver/Advanced

12pm Adv Beginner

12.30pm Beginner

1pm Intermediate

Hope Barton Barns, Hope Cove

Thursday afternoon classes - 30 min

Small classes of 4 and 5 swimmers

3.30pm Pre school

4pm Beginner

4.30pm Adv Beginner

5pm Intermediate

5.30pm Improver

For more information and bookings please contact us by Email: jo.jamiesonswimschool@gmail.com

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